April 1, 2020

Same Shack, New Chef

Ever wonder what the secret is to making the perfect ShackBurger®? It’s all about the beef (and of course, our secret ShackSauce™). The patty took us years to perfect. To get it just right, we came up with a custom blend of 100% Angus beef from premium whole muscle cuts—with no hormones or antibiotics, ever.

We know Shack fans have been spending more time in the house than usual, so we teamed up with Goldbelly to create the Shake Shack ShackBurger® Kit. For the first time ever you can cook and enjoy our signature ShackBurger®, using all the same ingredients we do, within the comfort of your own home!

Plus, if you live in Utah or California, this kit is available for same-day pick-up when you order ahead on our Shack App or for delivery from your favorite delivery partner.

The kit includes:

• 8 fresh patties of Shake Shack’s custom Pat LaFrieda beef blend: 100% Angus beef with no hormones or antibiotics—ever

• 8 non-GMO Martin’s Potato Rolls

• 8 slices of American cheese

• 4 oz. of Shake Shack’s ShackSauce™ (serves 8)

Ready to get Shackin’? Order your kit while supplies last.

DIY Shackburger Kits - Burger Photo

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