March 18, 2022

Supporting Women in the Food Industry: Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Emily and Melissa Elsen of Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Emily and Melissa Elsen of Four & Twenty Blackbirds

While dreaming up our new Chocolate Pie Shake, we knew we wanted to source a delicious, high-quality pie to blend with our custard, so when it came to choosing a partner, it was no question we wanted to team up with Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Why Four & Twenty Blackbirds? Aside from being our long-time partners, this Brooklyn-based pie shop is known for using seasonal, local, and handmade ingredients.

Emily and Melissa Elsen
Melissa and Emily Elsen
Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie
Four & Twenty Blackbirds pies

The Women Behind the Bakery

Meet Emily and Melissa Elsen, the sisters and co-owners, behind Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Before opening their pie shop, Emily and Melissa grew up around farms and food in Hecla, South Dakota, where their grandmother taught them how to bake in their mom’s restaurant. Inspired by their entrepreneurial mother, the duo eventually decided to launch their own business baking Midwestern-style pies from scratch out of their apartment. 

With hard work (and delicious pies), in 2010 Melissa and Emily opened Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop in Brooklyn, NY.  

Melissa and Emily Elsen Baking Pie
Melissa and Emily baking at Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie shop

Our Partnership 

In 2012, we officially launched our partnership with Four & Twenty Blackbirds, incorporating their handmade, seasonal pies into a handful of local exclusives.  

Fast forward to this year, our team had one taste of Four & Twenty’s Black Bottom Oat Pie, made with chocolate ganache and toasted oats, and we knew this would be the perfect ingredient to blend with our frozen custard in our new Chocolate Pie Shake. We’re proud to partner with Four & Twenty for their shared commitment to sourcing the highest quality, local ingredients.  

Chocolate Pie Shake
Our limited edition Chocolate Pie Shake

Supporting Women in the Food Industry 

As a part of our mission to Stand For Something Good, we’re committed to supporting women like Melissa and Emily, in an industry historically dominated by men.  

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we asked our social media followers to share some of their favorite female-owned, local eateries. Check out this curated list of women-owned spots you can support this month and beyond: 


  • The Stockyard (Headland) 


  • Mingle and Graze (Chandler) 

  • Redemption Market (Scottsdale) 


  • Butter& (San Francisco) 

  • Bake Sum (Oakland) 

  • Cassia (Los Angeles) 

  • Chocolate and the Chip (Los Angeles) 

  • Coolhaus (Los Angeles) 

  • Kelly’s French Bakery (Santa Cruz) 

  • La Luna Cupcakes (San Francisco) 

  • Melo Melo Coconut Dessert (Los Angeles) 

  • Nari (San Francisco) 

  • Salt & Straw (Los Angeles) 

  • Sweet Rose Creamery (Los Angeles) 

  • The Ivy (Los Angeles) 


  • Boss Lady Pizza (Boulder) 


  • Jillycakes (Orlando) 


  • Slutty Vegan (Atlanta) 


  • Amanda’s Bakery Creations (Topeka) 

New Jersey 

  • Palmer’s Bakehouse (Maplewood) 

  • The Hive (Hoboken) 


  • Central Station Coffee & Tea (Wilmette) 

  • Pretty Cool Ice Cream (Chicago) 


  • Myers + Chang (Boston) 


  • Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery (St. Louis) 


  • Rise Bagel Co. (Minneapolis) 

  • Thirty-Six Café (Saint Paul) 

New York 

  • Buttah Bakery (Ridgewood) 

  • Clementine Bakery (Brooklyn) 

  • Caffe Panna (New York City) 

  • Emmy Squared (New York City) 

  • Fan Fan Doughnuts (Brooklyn) 

  • Hanoi House (New York City) 

  • Honeybrains (New York City) 

  • Krumville Bake Shop (Brooklyn) 

  • Lazy Sundaes (New York City) 

  • Melba’s (Harlem) 

  • SugarHill Creamery (New York City) 

  • Sylvia’s Restaurant (Harlem) 

  • Taco Mahal (New York City) 

  • The Za Report (New York City) 


  • The Cheesecake Girl (Columbus) 

  • Dough Mama (Columbus) 

  • Pattycakes (Columbus) 


  • Essen Bakery (Philadelphia) 


  • Easy Slider (Dallas) 


  • Fresh Flours (Seattle) 

  • Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream (Seattle) 

  • Pho Bac Sup Shop (Seattle) 

Washington DC 

  • Republic Restoratives Distillery 


  • Ice Cream Social (Madison) 

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