September 18, 2023

Zero Acre Oil Test At Select NYC Shacks

Zero Acre Blog Header Image

As part of our ongoing commitment to Stand For Something Good, we’re excited to announce that beginning Monday, September 18 we’ll be testing Zero Acre oil at two New York City Shacks!

Zero Acre oil is made by Zero Acre Farms, a food company focused on delicious, healthy, and environmentally friendly cooking oil and is on a mission to end the food industry's dependence on destructive vegetable oils. The oil is made from rain-fed sugarcane plants, the world’s highest yielding crop, which results in a neutral and versatile cooking oil that performs well in high heat and allows the flavor of ingredients to shine. 

This test is one of the first deployments of Zero Acre oil in the foodservice sector. During the test, our Crinkle Cut Fries, ‘Shroom Burgers, Shack Stacks, Veggie Shacks, Chicken Shacks and Chicken Bites from the Hudson Yards and Battery Park City Shacks will be fried in Zero Acre oil instead of soybean oil. 

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