February 20, 2023

Get to Know ABLED: Our Black + African American Employee Resource Group


Shake Shack’s purpose, to Stand For Something Good, drives every decision we make—including our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. We couldn’t do this without the people who help us further representation and education at every level of Shake Shack. In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting ABLED, ‘Advancement of Black Leaders and Enhanced Development’, our Black and African American Employee Resource Group. 

ABLED Group Photo

Started in 2020, ABLED educates team members on the experiences and culture of the Black community and works to promote our partnerships with Black-owned suppliers and partners. ABLED members have been an integral part of providing educational opportunities for team members everywhere and highlighting Black stories and leadership within the Shake Shack community.    

Co-Chair Juan Perez expressed, “ABLED has changed the way I connect with others in my organization and allowed for a safe space to drive tangible change for the better. I am inspired when I hear others share their stories and journeys as we all work toward creating paths to success and equity in opportunity.”  

Just a few of ABLED’s highlights and accomplishments include:   

  • Providing feedback on Shake Shack’s strategies around recruiting, retention and ongoing development, including hosting the first HBCU recruiting seminar

  • Developing educational content and highlighting the advancement of our Black leaders throughout the company 

  • Bringing awareness to holidays and occasions that are central to the Black experience including, but not limited to Kwanzaa, Juneteenth and Black History Month

  • Connecting the Shake Shack employee community through our internal storytelling platform, the Stand Together Series, which works with partners like The Equal Justice Initiative and varied guest speakers   

  • Sharing the story of partners like Red Bay Coffee Roasters, a Black-owned business with roots in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Celebrating Black musicians and artists during Black History Month with fun experiences including a curated playlist heard throughout our Shacks across the country in the month of February 

To celebrate Black History Month this year, ABLED hosted an office Happy Hour chat with Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery and creator of Shake Shack’s very own Shackmeister Ale.

Garrett Oliver

We’re so proud of ABLED’s work to further represent, educate and uplift the Shake Shack community year-round. 

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