March 28, 2023

Meet SHE: Our Female Empowerment Employee Resource Group

Women To Know

At Shake Shack, we aim to empower all members of our community. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without the women of Shake Shack creating a welcoming and uplifting environment for all. 

Helping to create that environment is SHE (Support, Hustle and Empower), our women’s Employee Resource Group. SHE’s mission is to ensure that all women regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability and economic status have a seat at every Shake Shack table. 

She Together

“SHE’s goal is to create a safe space for the female perspective and experience within the Shake Shack organization” says SHE member Corey Blumenthal. “Through our work, we want to encourage empathy and help raise women's voices”.  

To work towards this goal, SHE operates four subcommittees; Awareness and Education, Community and Engagement, ERG Liaisons and Recruitment and Retention.  

SHE has sponsored several dynamic conversations with Shake Shack leaders, been at the forefront of conversations around bias in the workplace, led a campaign in 2022 for all team members to challenge their biases and recently published an ally guide to help men become better advocates for women at Shake Shack.

Women To Know

This year, SHE is celebrating Women’s History Month by highlighting women’s achievements and raising awareness about gender discrimination. Some ways they’re doing this include: 

  • Read, Watch, and Listen: A list of SHE’s favorite female-forward books, documentaries and podcasts are available on the company’s internal webpage.  

  • Kudos Cards: To celebrate the individuals who support and empower women at Shake Shack, employees can send a compliment card recognizing another team member's contributions. 

  • Launching Shake Shack’s “Women to Know” Series: A series of internal interviews with women who work at Shake Shack to hear how they are supporting, hustling and empowering others at work and beyond. 

  • Hosting Farmer Advocate Elle Gadient, from our partner Niman Ranch, to speak about sustainable farming practices and the importance of diversity in farming.

Elle Gadient from Niman Ranch

SHE’s long-term goal is to create and maintain a sense of belonging for women in the workplace, as well as highlight and eliminate the barriers many women face. 

“Having a forum to discuss challenges and growth opportunities truly helps in navigating not only my career but supporting others in theirs,” says Amanda Robbins, one of SHE’s leaders. “Being a part of SHE has also given me the ability to hold myself more accountable to meeting standards and expectations”.  

We’re so proud of SHE, and all the women at Shake Shack who Stand for Something Good. 

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