December 21, 2023

Shake Shack 2023 Trending Tastes

Shake Shack 2023 Trending Tastes

2023, what a ride! From Atlantic to Pacific with thousands of Oreo Funnel Cake Shakes and White Truffle Burgers in-between, this year was an adventure for Shake Shack enthusiasts around the world. As we wrap up this chapter, we're serving up a few of our favorite trends from this year, Shack-style. 

Each region had its standout favorites (and particular tastes) but one thing united them all—nothing beats a ShackBurger, fresh Crinkle Cut fries, and a Cookies + Cream Shake. Whether you cruised through a drive thru, rocked out at Lollapalooza, or visited one of our 40+ new shacks, we want to say thank you to our dedicated Shack fans—and to our team members, who uplift guests in 33 states and 18 countries every day. 

Welcoming you to Shacks across the country and around globe (and digitally through the Shack App!) has been a joy. We're committed to bringing you the best experiences, ingredients, and hospitality, and can’t wait to see where 2024 takes us, together. 

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