December 6, 2023

'Three for Free' Promotion

Three for free

Win Big This Holiday Season


Yes, it’s true—we’re pulling for you to win big this holiday season. We're excited to double down with some more FREE Chicken Shacks but with a new twist. We’ll be partnering with Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast to offer not only a chance for FREE Chicken Shacks, but also a chance for FREE Bacon Cheese Fries and a FREE Classic Shake. TERMS APPLY 

Pardon My Take will be betting on three football games and if all three bets are hit, you get codes for Three for Free*. Keep an eye on tomorrow night’s game to see if their bets are correct and listen-in on Friday’s Pardon My Take podcast to hear what their predictions are for this weekend’s games. You can also keep an eye out on social media to see who else gets in on the action. We all might just get lucky and hit a Three for Free! Not a football fan? You can still redeem all potential codes on Monday, December 18th. 


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Why you’ll wanna bite:  

Our Chicken Shack is made with crispy, white-meat chicken breast over lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo on a toasted potato bun. A sandwich so good, you’ll want to lay it all on the line. Pair it with our Bacon Cheese fries—crispy crinkle cuts topped with our cheese sauce and applewood smoked bacon. And don’t forget about a classic shake, hand-spun to perfection with frozen custard made fresh in-Shacks daily.  

It’s the perfect seasonal spread!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: *Offer only valid for qualifying orders placed at a kiosk in-Shack, or for delivery or pick-up via the Shake Shack Mobile App or, and fulfilled during the period on 12/18/2023 through 12/24/2023 (“Promotional Period”) at participating Shake Shack locations (excluding airports, stadiums, arenas, travel plazas, and museums). Offer not valid for orders made through third-party delivery apps or for menu items not identified as Winning Items (defined below). Limit one (1) free Winning Item per order. Max savings of $9.09 per order. Order total must include a minimum of $10 worth of food or beverage products (including burgers, other sandwiches, other fries, chicken bites, hotdogs, drinks, other shakes, frozen custard, poochinis and, bag o’ bones, but excluding gift cards), excluding the cost of the applicable free Winning Item and any applicable taxes, delivery fees or other fees. Must add at least one (1) Winning Item to cart prior to checkout. Offer excludes all paid add-ons such as avocado, bacon, and whipped cream. Offer is not valid for any menu item other than a Winning Item announced by Shake Shack including, but not limited to, regular crinkle fries and cheese fries. Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions and may not use more than one Winning Item promotional code per order. Must use the applicable promotional code at checkout. Shake Shack will announce the applicable  "Winning Item(s)” which are available during the Promotional Period on or before on 12/18/2023 and provide the promotional code(s) at that time. The Winning Items will be one (1) free Chicken Shack, plus, in Shake Shack’s sole discretion, zero, one or two of the following(i) one (1) free Bacon Cheese Fries; or (ii) one (1) free Classic Shake. 

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