November 12, 2019

Holiday Cheer Advisory: the Alpine Tree-o Is Here!

The temperature isn’t the only thing dropping… Holiday Shakes are here! From Tuesday, November 12th — Sunday, January 5th, we’re spinnin’ up these frosty flavors:

Coconut Snowball: Coconut and marshmallow frozen custard, topped with whipped cream, coconut and sprinkles.

Christmas Cookie (Shack fan favorite!): Sugar cookie frozen custard, topped with whipped cream, crumbled shortbread and holiday sprinkles.

Chocolate Peppermint: Chocolate frozen custard and peppermint fudge sauce, topped with whipped cream and chocolate peppermint bark.

Try the Alpine Tree-o in Shack or use the Shack App to order ahead. ‘Tis the season to sip!

Coconut Snowball, Christmas Cookie and Chocolate Peppermint shakes

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