November 11, 2016

Rockin' Around the Christmas Treats: Introducing a New Trio of Holiday Shakes, Available Starting Monday, November 14th

Jingle all the way to the Shack, where we're spinnin' up a new trio of Holiday Shakes from Monday, November 14th—Monday, January 2nd.

Here's the scoop:

Pumpkin Pie: Four & Twenty Blackbirds pumpkin pie blended with vanilla frozen custard topped whipped cream and spiced pie crumble.

Christmas Cookie: Sugar cookie frozen custard topped with whipped cream and red & green sprinkles.

Chocolate Peppermint: Chocolate frozen custard blended with peppermint and topped with whipped cream and chocolate peppermint candy crumble.

The shakes, $5.79 each, will be available at all U.S. Shacks except stadiums and JFK Airport.

And remember: Our Shack-made Brownie Batter Hot Chocolate ($3.89) is warm, delicious and available through the end of March.

Trio of Holiday Shakes

Pumpkin Pie Shake next to a pumpkin pie

Christmas Cookie Shake next to cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Shake next to peppermint candies

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