August 26, 2020

We're Teaming Up With UWS Pizzeria, Mama's TOO! to Serve a One-Day-Only Collab Burger at Madison Square Park 8/27!

We're so excited to team up with Frank Tuttolomondo of Upper West Side pizzeria, Mama’s TOO! to bring a limited edition collab burger to our Madison Square Park Shack on 8/27!

The Mama’s TOO! Burger ($10.49) is a double cheeseburger topped with Stracciatella cheese, spicy ‘Nduja tomato sauce, bitter greens and crispy garlic on Mama's TOO! homemade focaccia baked with parmesan, mozzarella, and rosemary.

This one-day-only collab will be available to order exclusively via the Shack app + starting at 11AM on Thursday (8/27) at our Madison Square Park Shack. Score this limited edition burger supplies last!

Mama's TOO! Burger

Shake Shack Chefs Presenting the Mama's TOO! Burger


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