September 17, 2021

Shake Shack x benny blanco: A One-Day-Only LA Collab

Benny Blanco

To celebrate launch of benny blanco’s new album, FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS 2, Shake Shack has joined forces with benny himself to serve up a special one-day-only collab at the West Hollywood Shake Shack this Friday!

Benny's Nacho Burger

Mark Rosati and Benny Blanco grilling burger patties


Dream Team

After meeting at a Food & Wine event a few years back and chatting about their shared love for food, our Culinary Director, Mark Rosati, and benny blanco began brainstorming the burger of their dreams.

“I’ve known Mark Rosati for a while and we both have a major passion for food, burgers and Shake Shack,” said benny blanco. “We have talked for a long time about doing something together and finally got a chance to get into the kitchen and make this special burger. Also this is a perfect opportunity for shameless self-promotion so…my album is coming out :)”


The Goods

We’re beyond ready to serve LA fans the ultimate collab—benny’s nacho burger featuring a cheeseburger topped with queso, Shack ranch sauce with crumbled Cool Ranch® Doritos® and scallions, and charred serrano salsa verde.

As an added bonus, the West Hollywood shack will also be serving up benny’s fries—crispy crinkle cuts topped with our Shack-made queso.

Benny's Nacho Burger being placed on a tray  Queso being poured on Nacho Burger


Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of benny and Mark captured on film. Safe to say the creation process was anything but traditional…

Benny Blanco with Shake Shack to-go bag on his headBenny Blanco wearing a Shake Shack to-go bag

Mark Rosati and Benny Blanco

Burger patties and buns laid out on a tray

Benny Blanco ripping out Shake Shack to-go bag

Benny pouring queso on burger  Benny's Nacho Burger being prepared

Mark Rosati and Benny Blanco with their new burger creation  Benny Blanco holding tray of burgers

Two Nacho Burgers on trays

Benny eating a burger  Benny taking a bite of his Nacho Burger

Benny Blanco and Mark Rosati sitting


Where & When to Get ‘Em

benny’s nacho burger and fries are available this Friday, March 26th only at the West Hollywood Shake Shack, while supplies last.

BONUS: In celebration of his album release, benny will be stopping by the Shack this Friday! Come grab some grub and enjoy while listening to FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS 2.

Friends Keep Secrets 2 album cover

Skip the line and order ahead for pickup at the West Hollywood Shack via the Shack App and!

Hand holding Benny's Nacho Burger


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