Location Must-Haves

Shake Shack Santa Monica

Highly visible + easily accessible, like a corner in the core of a major city or a suburban drive thru

Shake Shack University Village Outdoor Seating

Opportunity for outdoor dining areas to create the uplifting experiences we’re known for

Shake Shack Fishers Indiana Cars People

Curbside parking spaces to serve our growing digital customer base  

A few more must-haves depending on your location type

Urban Storefronts + Shopping Centers

•    Spaces of 3,000-3,500 square feet
•    Outdoor seating a plus
•    Zoning to accommodate restaurant use and allow liquor license (beer and wine)
•    Plenty of parking for guests, including exclusive curbside pick-up spots for digital orders
•    Building exterior to allow Shack design and branding

Drive Thru + Freestanding Spaces

•    At least 1.5 acres
•    Highly trafficked vehicle corridors, close to freeways and proven retail areas
•    Entitled for a double lane drive thru
•    Opportunity for freestanding monument signage or pylon signage

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